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Halo: Combat Evolved


Game, Simulation


Depending on system setup, may produce an error dialog: "Please try again with administrative privileges." The game may or may not work with a limited account anyway.

This occurs if the Safedisc copy protection driver is not already started. Starting Windows services and drivers requires administrative privileges. Halo itself does not require admin privileges to run. If Halo or another Safedisc-protected application was run as an admin prior to logging on as a non-admin, Halo will run as the non-admin.


If not needed, uninstall GameSpy Arcade. Then, install Halo update 1.07 or later from the Halo Support page.

Then, as an administrator, look for the following Registry key:


Change the value of "Start" from 3 to 2. Then type this at a command prompt:

net start secdrv

Log off, and test with a non-admin account. Halo should then launch correctly for any user.

When inserting the CD as a limited user, you may be prompted for an administrative username and password. When prompted, simply ask Windows to run Halo Setup as the user currently logged on, turn off "Protect my computer," and proceed.

Since Halo should already be installed, Setup should provide your product ID and allow you to launch the game, even if logged on with a limited account. The "protect my computer" switch is unnecessary in this case.

Alternately, launching the game shortcut from Start / Programs / Microsoft Games / Halo should launch the game without needing to launch Setup from the CD.




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