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Delphi 9.5.2




Delphi 9.5.2 displays a "Cannot open file C:\Program Files\Newmarket International\Delphi\SCREENS\Delphi.mdx" error window when opening any function in Delphi, even Help / About Delphi.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Patrick Mooney [mailto:[censored]]
> Sent: Monday, September 20, 2010 5:46 PM
> To: Gordon Fecyk
> Subject: Case [censored] - 9.5.2 rights delphi directory [[censored]]
> Hello Gordon,
> Delphi requires Modify rights to the Screens files, even though it may
> or may not be making any changes to the files within that directory.
> This is hard coded in the application and cannot be changed.

The application writes to a MDX database file in the "SCREENS" folder inside the installation folder. This may also prevent operation on Terminal Server, or Fast User Switching.

Further, the Windows Installer-based installer does not support silent, passive or Group Policy-based installation.


As an administrator, grant Modify permissions to the BULTIN\Users local group for the following folder:

%programfiles%\Newmarket International\Delphi\SCREENS

Example command line:
cacls "%programfiles%\Newmarket International\Delphi\SCREENS" /e /t /g Users:c

Also watch usage on Terminal Server, or on Windows 7 with User Account Control enabled, as each user may end up with their own delphi.mac and delphi.mdx files. This should not affect shared usage as long as the database and shared files folder is on a network server that the user has Modify access to.


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