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Palm Desktop 4.0.1 and earlier


Handheld Computing


Palm Desktop installs its shortcuts to the current user's Start Menu folder only. Other users cannot see the "Local USB" Sync option in HotSync.

PocketMirror by Chapura, included with some older versions of Palm Desktop, requires write access to its installation folder.

From the support site: Windows XP Home Edition now includes a Switch User feature where multiple users can log on to their XP Home Edition PC at the same time. This situation is not supported with Palm Desktop.


Get a handheld computer that uses the Blackberry or Pocket PC operating systems. Alternately, use an Ethernet-based cradle and synchronization software that works directly with a collaboration server system, such as Sybase Pylon, and bypass Palm Desktop entirely.

If you wish to continue using Palm Desktop: Install the Palm Desktop software to a different location for each user (e.g. C:\Program Files\palmOne\JeffHawkins, C:\Program Files\palmOne\DonnaDubinsky, etc.).

You must have installation rights allocated to your user login or have these granted by your system administrator in order to install Palm Desktop.

Palm Support says you can remove Administrator access once finished. You should also disable Fast User Switching (in Control Panel, User Accounts) to avoid the Switch User problems.

Depending on the version of Palm Desktop, you may also need to grant Modify access for the following objects to the built-in Users group:

C:\Program Files\PocketMirror
C:\Program Files\palmOne

WARNING: This final workaround may expose your Palm Desktop installation to abuse by limited users.


Palm Desktop Installation Notes for Windows XP, PalmOne Knowledge Case 30421



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