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Java applet which requires write access to a folder in %systemdrive% (usually C:\SABRE) and which requires an older version of Sun's Java Virtual Machine: 1.4.2.

Despite Sabre's claim, Sun's 1.5.0_2 and later releases of Java work correctly with MySabre as long as the user is an administrator.

MySabre also replaces eVoya Webtop - Webtop is no longer supported by Sabre Holdings.


Use Sabre for Windows instead of MySabre in a network environment, such as with Nortel's Instant Internet hardware.

Otherwise, install the latest supported Java Virtual Machine before installing MySabre.

Run once as an administrator, then grant Modify access for the built-in Users local group to the following object:


Since all applications come from the MySabre web site, there should not be a danger of abuse by limited users, though there is a possibility of one user damaging another user's settings. MySabre saves settings per-Sabre sign-on (SI*xx), instead of per-user.

Remember to Sign Off from the MySabre web site before closing the applet window, if more than one user shares the same Sabre Terminal Address (TA). Unlike Sabre for Windows, MySabre stores the TA as a browser cookie, and both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox save cookies per-user.

The first web reference suggests granting Modify access to %systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc to allow limited users access to the Hosts file. This is not recommended as it permits unwanted software to spoof legitimate web sites.


The first reference is a Microsoft Word document



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