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While the Office 2000 applications work without modifications for limited users, the program shortcuts created by Windows Installer will invoke a "Preparing to Install..." process the first time a new user launches an Office 2000 application.

If the applications came from a CD-ROM, limited users will not be permitted to run this first-time process because they cannot access the CD-ROM's contents:

Error 1706: No valid source could be found...

If the applications came from a network share or administrative installation, however, the first-time process works correctly.

Office XP/2002 and Office 2003 applications work for limited users without requiring the CD-ROMs during first-time use.


Install or reinstall the Office 2000 applications from a network share, even if the network share is on the local computer, or another location accessible to limited users.

To fake a network connection to a local CD-ROM drive and (re)install an Office 2000 application:

1) Open My Computer, right-click on your CD-ROM drive and select Sharing.

2) Select "Share This Folder." On Windows XP Home Edition, you may receive a warning about sharing the root of the CD-ROM drive. Answer "yes." Make sure that the built-in Users local group has Read access to the new share.

3) Record the share name you created (for example: \\MACHINE\E or \\MACHINE\CDROM).

4) Launch Office 2000 Setup from the network share instead of from the CD-ROM directly, for example: \\MACHINE\E\SETUP.EXE and install or reinstall as appropriate.

5) When Setup is complete, keep the CD-ROM in the drive and apply any Service Packs needed. Visit Office Update if you have a working Internet connection.

6) The first time a limited user launches an Office 2000 application, Windows Installer will prompt you for the CD-ROM or a network location for "data1.msi." Insert it and click OK to continue. The first-time setup process will now complete properly.

This workaround may also work with other applications using Windows Installer technology that generate Error 1706 messages.


Pan-Am manually verified that this workaround works on Windows 2000 Service Pack 4



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