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Travelmate Series Notebook Computers


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Default configuration uses two FAT32-formatted volumes instead of one NTFS-formatted volume, providing no protection against accidental deletion of system files by limited users.

Travelmate 2500 and older notebook manager and function button tools do not work with limited user accounts, responding with "Access Violation" errors.


On 2500 and older models, uninstall the included utilities that do not work with limited accounts. The web and e-mail buttons work without requiring this software.

If possible, use a partitioning tool like Norton Ghost or Powerquest Partition Magic to reorganize the hard drive into a single volume, or enlarge the system volume (usually named "ACER") and reduce the data volume (usually named "ACERDATA")

Visit Windows Update to install Windows XP Service Pack 2, if necessary, and any additional updates

Convert the system volume to NTFS using the following command line:

convert c: /fs:ntfs

NOTE: Service Pack 2's version of 'convert' will also change the default permissions for various files and folders to their clean-install defaults, so older applications may stop working with limited accounts.

On Windows 2000 or Windows XP SP1 or earlier, use Pan-Am's lockdown tool or the Security Configuration and Analysis Snap-in to set secure file system permissions. The template "basicwk" represents the default permissions for an NTFS volume. XP SP2 will apply these permissions after a 'convert' operation for you.


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