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Three Rings Design


Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates


Game, Online Role Play


Creates program shortcuts in the installing user's profile instead of the "All Users" profile
Frequent updates released require write access to the installation folder, and updates will fail for limited users.
Cached data, such as island maps, is stored in the installation folder and maps will not load for limited users.
Otherwise runs without difficulty for limited users.


Install the latest Java Virtual Machine before installing Puzzle Pirates.

Install the game using the replacement installer (309 KB) developed by Pan-Am.

NOTE: The replacement installer is not officialy supported by Three Rings Design, though it does not replace their installer. Rather, it's a "wrapper" around their GetDown installer.

The MSI installer sets the file system permissions needed to run Puzzle Pirates as a limited user, and also creates program shortcuts in the "All Users" profile. The first time you launch the game, it will download the remaining game code needed from Three Rings' servers. Your game settings will not change if you switch between their installer's shortcuts and this one's, as the game already stores its settings per-user.


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