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The Rolling Stones: A Bigger Bang


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Error: CreateProcess(%temp%\~e5d141.tmp): Access is Denied

This error only occurs when copying tracks using the CD's included software on computers modified with Pan-Am's Lockdown tool, and only with Limited User accounts. Playing the tracks using the included software works correctly, and works without installing software from the CD itself.

Tracks copied before seeing this error will not play, as the original URL for the Windows Media license certificate is no longer available.


Install Windows Media Player 9 or later, and Macromedia Flash Player 6 or later before using this CD. Windows XP comes with Flash Player 6 pre-installed.

If you use the Lockdown tool, you can copy tracks from an Administrator account, but not from a Limited account. Limited users can play tracks copied to a common location, such as Shared Documents, once copied and licensed. Alternately, Limited users can play tracks directly from the CD.

The track copier creates and launches temporary executable files (for example: "~xxxxxx.tmp," which would appear in Windows Task Manager). Limited users on computers modified by the Lockdown tool cannot launch programs stored in their user profile.




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