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Airport security vs. antivirus security

Written by Rob Rosenberger, 11/1/2000

Airport security experts would blame terrorist acts on everything except security guards. They'd blame pilots for letting a terrorist board an aircraft under their control... And they'd blame passengers for not watching out for their own safety...

LET'S SUPPOSE AIRPORT security works like antivirus security -- and let's suppose a terrorist wants to hijack an aircraft bound for the U.S.

He shouts anti-American rhetoric as he approaches the X-ray machine. The airport security team doesn't notice. They ask to see his passport, which identifies him as "Bin saden Olama." A database search turns up blank. The name matches no known terrorist.

The terrorist places a package on the conveyor. It has "BOMB" written all over it, but the security guards don't look. They don't even look at the X-ray image. A bomb-sniffing dog snoozes nearby. Our guy boards the aircraft and pays $4 for a mixed drink. The plane takes off.

Boom! Rescue ships follow a trail of seat cushion flotation devices.

So. Who gets blamed?

Read more at VMyths.

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