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Vulnerabilities in Users, Not in Windows

Written by Gordon Fecyk, 3/9/2005

"Spyware" makers exploit a weakness in the user.

[Listen to MP3 Audio] SYSADMINS DON'T FAULT THEIR USERS for computing problems. Instead, they blame Microsoft for creating the environment that makes it possible. For example, Kelly Martin told the audience:

[Microsoft's anti-spyware tool] is a band-aid approach and a funny way for them to admit defeat - because it's holes in Microsoft's operating system that built the entire spyware industry to begin with.

He lost sight of the real problem.

"SPYWARE" comes with many "free" applications available on the Internet. For example, Kazaa comes with the GAIN Toolbar and Kazaa's installer forces you to agree to install this software before it will install Kazaa.

So, why install Kazaa? Well, users can't resist free music. It acts just like a drug. Users will gladly install spyware-infested software, knowing full well what they're giving up, in the name of somehow screwing the man.

Kazaa's sponsors are not exploiting a weakness in Microsoft Windows. Instead, they are exploiting a weakness in the user. For this reason alone, you all need to stop blaming Microsoft for your spyware woes.

Her name was Yoo-la! Or was that Eula?

From Copyright 2005 J.D. "Illiad" Frazer.

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