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The 100th Bad App had to be Quickbooks, didn't it?

Written by Gordon Fecyk, 11/9/2006

[Intuit] confirmed on December 2, 2005 that [QuickBooks] will be fixed in the next major release.

Intuit lies!

THE CATALOG'S 100th ENTRY appeared today, just eighteen months into the Catalog's creation. How ironic that said entry gets special recognition elsewhere, too.

The SANS Institute, while notorious for its fearmongering via the "Internet Storm Center," inducted Quickbooks from Intuit into its Application Security Hall of Shame almost a year ago today. According to the SANS Institute, Quickbooks:

...hinders the organization's ability to ensure security policies are implemented appropriately for password control, user privileges, and other security disciplines for a computer with QuickBooks installed.

Apparently, such notoriety wasn't lost on Intuit:

In response to Newsbites' recognition, Brad Smith, senior vice president of QuickBooks, confirmed on December 2, 2005 that this problem will be fixed in the next major release (QuickBooks 2007), scheduled for delivery within 12 months.

Pssst: Hey, SANS! Guess what? I had to install Quickbooks 2007 today! And you know what? Brad Smith lies!

There it is! The one-hundredth entry into the Anti-Windows Catalog catches Intuit in a bald-faced lie from almost a year ago!

AMAZING. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Not only does Intuit lie about a product to be released a year after the fact, but they do it in the face of some stiff competition.

Sage Accounting's Simply Accounting 2004 and later editions work without difficulty for limited users. Microsoft only recently got into market some time after purchasing Great Plains Software. The result of that venture is a new addition to the Microsoft Office family.

Does ignorance come with size and presence? Everyone usually blames Microsoft for such an attitude, but apparently it's acceptable behaviour for Intuit and WebEx. If Microsoft pulled this kind of garbage today, we'd hear it from all over the net, wouldn't we?

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