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Why did AV firms miss Vista release deadline?

Written by Rob Rosenberger, 4/14/2007

After all these years, why couldn't Syman­tec re­lease a Vista up­grade in tan­dem with Vista's delayed debut? The answer may be "some­thing deep is going on here." Some­thing the anti­virus in­dustry doesn't really want to talk about...

VMYTHS READER HARVEY Kern upgraded to Microsoft Vista only to discover "NEITHER Norton NOR McAfee have Vista-compatible anti-virus programs. This means that the built in and free AOL anti-virus program (powered by McAfee) doesn't work either. They are apparently working on them and hope to have them ready within about two months." Kern observed "most other cyberspace companies (like AOL, Adobe Reader, etc.) had already produced Vista ready programs to go with the release of Vista."

Read more at VMyths.

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