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Still Here! Wither Conficker...

Written by Gordon Fecyk, 3/31/2009

There's something wrong when anti-virus firms rate a threat as "low," and news media is calling the same threat a "digital Pearl Harbour."

Compared to Jesse Hirsh, anti-virus firms are the calming voices of reason!

AS I TYPE THIS RANT it is 22:14 abouts, Central Daylight Time or UTC minus six hours. From Newfoundland and points east, it is almost midnight: April First, 2009.

Guess what? No digital wasteland. No "digital Pearl Harbour." No burning PCs or smouldering mouse pads littering the digital landscape. The Register, over in the United Kingdom, is still up and it's well past midnight there. The BBC is up. "Sure Windows," a site in The Republic of South Korea, is up and it's well past 8:00 AM there.

Jesse Hirsh of the CBC asked if Conficker C was either an elaborate April Fool's joke, or a "digital Pearl harbour." I told him, in his column's comment section that it was a joke. A bad joke played on him, the CBC, and the rest of North American media. And what did I get for my commentary? An average of ten to twenty "disagree" clicks on each comment.

You can make up your own punch line to that one. I'm not interested.

THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH NEWS MEDIA when anti-virus firms rate a threat as "low," and news media is calling the same threat a "digital Pearl Harbour."

Computer Associates, maker of eTrust, rated Conficker C a "low" threat based on its presence in the 'wild.' Symantec, makers of Norton Internet Security Blanket, rate Conficker C and Conficker B as "low" based on their geographic distribution.

Compared to the CBC, anti-virus firms sound like calming voices of reason! How refreshing! Such a stark contrast from April First, 2001, during the sulfnbk.exe hysteria.

Memo to Jesse Hirsh: read VMyths. Oh and one more thing...


Signing off at 23:00, midnight in the StateCommonwealth of Virginia, home of America Online. And yes, they're still up too.

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