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Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Or, Windows 8: Get Over It

Written by Gordon Fecyk, 12/6/2012

TOOK LONG ENOUGH didn't it? Here I was telling my dwindling readership not to fear Windows 8, and I didn't install it yet. Well, two days and forty bucks later, and I actually installed Windows 8 Pro. And you know what? Everything works.

It turned out I only had to wait for Intel to update their networking software, and even then only because I experiment with something called "VLANs" here. Another esoteric company, Aver Media, was already up to date by having Microsoft certify their Windows 7 drivers.

So if your PC is already working right on Windows 7, and Microsoft vetted the drivers for your hardware, and you are using Windows 7-certified applications... or at least ones that worked on Windows XP with the safeties turned on... then you're set. Or... am I really asking for too much, after only three years of Windows 7 and five years of Windows Vista?

IF YOUR TECHIE FRIEND IS SCARED of Windows 8, then ask them where they were a year ago during the Consumer Preview. They should be experts by now. If I can learn this in a day, how hard is it for them?

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Windows 8: Get Over It. Right-click and Save As to use as your wallpaper.

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