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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you use the American spelling for "Catalog" and use British or Canadian spelling elsewhere?
The Catalog complements Microsoft's Windows Catalog, so its naming was intended to complement the Windows Catalog's naming. Pan-Am Internet Services, however, is a Canadian company and sticks with British and Canadian spelling elsewhere.

Where's the Comments form? How come I can't see what I wrote? Or, Isn't this supposed to be a blog site?
There is no "comments" form on any of the entries, resources or commentaries in this Catalog, and all Catalog entries require administrative approval beore they're visible, and no, this isn't a blog site.

The Catalog is simply that: A catalogue of devices, applications and so forth that don't work with Windows when built-in safeties are enabled. Yes, there are commentaries which Administrators can create, but some bad design just begs for commentary.

While this question hasn't come up from visitors, there seems to be a large number of Editor accounts in the database without any useful entries in the Catalog. There might be technical problems, but Pan-Am routinely tests the Catalog with Editor accounts to ensure it works as designed. Please write if you experience a technical problem.

Finally, Pan-Am exercises full editorial control over the Catalog to ensure it follows its stated purpose. If an Editor changes a previously visible entry, the site will hide the entry for re-approval. It was either this, or hire a full time staff of moderators.

Letters to the authors of commentaries, or e-mail to, however, will get read and even published here.

I tried to submit a new entry but my web browser just "sat there."
We corrected this on August 27th, 2005. Sorry for the inconvenience. It turned out to be our routers after all.

Are you afraid of being sued by the companies you identify here?
I'm no stranger to legal action due to libel and slander. If you want to sue us, go ahead, but your money is better spent on fixing your product.

If a product is in this Catalog, it is really because it does not work in current and supported versions of Windows with their safety features enabled. Detailed explanations, complete with references, accompany each entry in this catalog. Please report errors to us.

How do products get off the catalog?
The only way entries get off this Catalog is when manufacturers fix them. This may mean an older version of a product may never get off the Catalog, but the entry's workaround notes may include upgrading to a newer version.

Are you going to include Microsoft's products here?
Oh, yes, we're going to include Microsoft's products here.

Why is there a product here with Microsoft's Designed for Windows logo on its box?
Likely, the logo certification people at Microsoft let this one through without complete testing. It happens, sometimes. The product's entry should have a simple workaround or fix described.

Speaking of the Designed for Windows logo, just because a product isn't certified, it doesn't mean the product will end up here. Many well-designed, yet uncertified, products exist.

I'm a manufacturer and I'm listed here. How do I fix my product?
Take an example from Pan-Am's own experience. Learn more from others as well. Test, test, and test some more. Hire consultants or staff to test for you, and heed their warnings.

How do products get added to the Catalog?
Users of those products put them here. You can put them here, too. Sign up for access.

If you happen to work for a company offering better products, go ahead and create entries for your competitors! Stick to the facts, though. Pan-Am can't disclose your identity without a court order (PIPEDA regulations and all that) but all entries require administrative approval before they appear. Stay civil and remember that your competitors are allowed to create entries for you.

To help make sure your entry appears in the Catalog, cite your sources and provide a detailed yet consise explanation of why the product should be here. You can edit your own entries any time, but edits will remove the entry from the Catalog until an administrator reviews it again.

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